21 October 2009

What is a peer?

In my last post I stated that a peer suggested I look into blogging for business promotion. I got griped at by probably my best friend for calling him a peer. "I thought we were friends..." he said.

My friend is Pat Lloyd, he runs one of the other IT firms here in Mexia, TX. (I am still not sure why we have 5 or 6 IT firms in a town of 10,000, but we do.) We have a lot in common. We have our niches - I handle servers and network infrastructure - he handles the client end (he also covers home users and I concentrate on businesses).

Pat and I eat lunch together once or twice a week. We talk about issues in town, our families, and what we run into at client sites. We bounce ideas off one another. We even call each other into help out at our respective clients.

James W. McKeand

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