22 April 2010

Long Hiatus

I have not posted anything in quite a while, primarily because of nothing of much significance happening. Here are some updates.

Business is slow. The primary reason is because no one is asking for my level of expertise in the local area. I also recently fired myself from a client. They had too many hands in the pot and I did not want to be in the middle.

I have been thinking about the WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) idea again. The concept is simple. A filtered (i.e. no porn, gambling, or other vise related content) Internet connection. I have the design mostly done; I think I could make it work. I even have most of the business plan done. The big issue is getting the funds. I am not sure I want funds from Uncle Sam (i.e. ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009). I think the biggest hurdle is that I am unsure of the number of subscribers I can attract. I don’t think banks or charitable foundations would fund my project without knowing if it will succeed. And the key to success is having enough subscribers to cover the monthly costs and repay any debts incurred with the roll out. If anyone knows of a source of funds (without too many strings attached – I would love a grant), please let me know.

I am now a full time employee of Cornerstone Family Care, P.A. (I do the IT work and the Medicaid entry into the Texas system). I am probably the lowest paid full time IT person on the planet – but I will not go into that. But, I get to work from my office and can get things done without interruptions (unlike my wife who get interrupted constantly at the clinic and must bring things home in the evenings)

That is what is going on here. Kind of slow, but if I was busy I would be complaining about being busy…

27 January 2010

You should be upset...

Something that got my goat this morning. I was watching the news this morning before I headed to the office. They were taking about the administration moving the trials of KSM (and others) to the US Federal Court in NY City. They also mention the underwear bomber having his Miranda Rights read to him.

These two events should anger every American citizen. The administration is basically giving my (our) rights to foreign enemy combatants. This would be the same as me walking into a country club – without stopping at the desk and paying a fee to use the facilities and using the tennis courts. What about walking into gym and using the equipment without a membership.

Enemy combatants do not receive any such rights as to remain silent or to have an attorney present during questioning (Miranda Rights See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miranda_Rights#Typical_usage).

Unfortunately, the terrorist do not qualify as combatants. According to Wikipedia: “To qualify under the Third Geneva Convention, a combatant must have conducted military operations according to the laws and customs of war, be part of a chain of command, wear a "fixed distinctive marking, visible from a distance" and bear arms openly. Thus, uniforms and/or badges are important in determining prisoner-of-war status; and francs-tireurs, terrorists, saboteurs, mercenaries and spies do not qualify.” See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner_of_war#Hague_and_Geneva_Conventions

So what should we do with the people we are holding in Gitmo? They are not by definition EPWs (Enemy Prisoner of War), nor are they US Citizens with the rights and privileges that entails. I don’t have an answer. But, all I know is that they should not receive the same rights we have…